From sunny days and beautiful flowers to delicious seasonal produce and lighter evenings, it’s no surprise that the summer is prime time for wedding planning. But if you’re looking to get married in Phoenix during the hottest season of the year, there are lots of pros and cons that come with planning a summer wedding.

Before you get too deep into the planning process, take a well-deserved break and read on. At Villa Tuscana, we’ve put together a detailed guide on the do’s and don’ts of planning a summer wedding and how to ensure your special day is one that you and your guests will remember for all the right reasons.

Do Send Save-the-Dates Well Ahead of Time

Many people choose to take a vacation during the summer. Sending save-the-date notes or cards well ahead of time will ensure your guests have plenty of time to mark their calendars and plan their time around your big day.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up on Invitations

It’s always a good idea to include an RSVP deadline on your invitations. This will help you to finalize guest numbers with your venue, plan catering, formulate your table plan, and start planning those little extras like wedding favors. People are busy and just because some of your guests haven’t replied, it doesn’t mean your wedding is unimportant to them. Giving them a little nudge with a friendly email, phone call, or message over social media is sure to get those last remaining replies signed, sealed, and delivered.

Do Consider a Backup Venue

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to check whether your venue has a backup plan in the event of bad weather. You never know when a rainstorm may occur, and while it might be over as soon as it’s begun, a few minutes of heavy rain could be all it takes to ruin your carefully made plans. Wind can also be a factor and can wreak havoc on delicate floral arrangements, the bride’s hair, and guests’ hats. While you may not want to consider an alternative to getting married on a beautiful sunny day, having a backup room or area inside your venue will ensure everything else goes to plan even if the sun doesn’t shine.

Do Keep Your Guests Cool and Comfortable

Nobody likes to be uncomfortable in the heat, especially if the bride is fashionably late. You can keep your guests cool and comfortable before and during the ceremony by providing them with hand fans, bottles of water, and shade. Alternatively, you may want to go all out with electric fans placed strategically so that they blend in with your floral arrangements and wedding decor.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Own Cool

Imagine spending hours having your hair and makeup perfected, only to have it ruined within moments of stepping out into the heat. From wilting updos to melting makeup, there are many ways a hot day can ruin your look. Getting ready in an air-conditioned bridal or groom’s suite will give you a great start when it comes to looking your absolute best and keeping your cool. Invest in a good deodorant, too, and keep wedding makeup light and natural. Ask one of your bridesmaids to keep some makeup in her purse for those pre-photo touchups.

Do Consider a Morning or Evening Ceremony

You don’t have to subject yourself or your guests to sweltering summer heat. By scheduling your wedding ceremony in the morning or evening, you can avoid direct sunlight and unbearable heat and keep everybody comfortable. A morning ceremony will also allow you to get the best light for your photographs and enjoy a longer wedding day.

Do Consider Your Wedding Dress

When shopping for your wedding dress, consider how you will feel wearing it on a hot day. If you have your heart set on a dramatic dress with lots of layers, you may regret your choice if you’re sweating from the moment you step into it. Airy and light dresses are always a safe bet for summer weddings. However, if you’re not prepared to let go of the princess dream, and we don’t blame you, you might want to consider changing into a cooler dress for your reception. You’ll certainly be glad you did once you hit the dancefloor.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Shoes

On a really hot day, the last thing you want is for your feet to swell, or even worse, sweat. If you can, choose shoes that allow your feet to breathe. Leather is always a good choice, but if you’d rather not wear leather for ethical reasons, choose a good pair of fabric or PU-leather strappy sandals. If you really love wearing heels, why not wear them to the ceremony and then change into more comfortable shoes for the reception? Ask one of the bridesmaids to slip some blister prevention pads, baby powder, and non-slip insoles into her purse just in case.

Do Choose Comfortable Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaids will be there for you throughout the day and at your side when you need them the most. Make sure they are comfortable and cool in dresses that are light, airy, and easy to move around in. Silk, cotton, and chiffon are all great choices. Look for dresses that are shorter in length, that are backless, or have slits up the side to allow plenty of airflow.

Do Choose Flowers That Can Survive the Heat

Flowers are beautiful, but some kinds can quickly start to wilt in the heat. If you are using the services of a florist, they will know exactly which blooms will do well on the hottest days. For example, orchids, calla lilies, and roses should last the whole day if they are of good quality and prepared and arranged properly. Instead of real flowers, you might want to consider silk or satin flowers. Not only will they stand up to the heat, but they also last for years and are perfect for your wedding bouquet.

Don’t Serve Hot and Spicy Food

When the summer is already serving up the heat, you might want to consider your wedding food selection carefully. Hot and spicy foods may only raise the heat even higher and cause your guests to feel uncomfortable. Instead, why not serve lighter foods that are cool, refreshing, and delicious? How about a delicious shrimp and avocado cocktail, or a light chicken and citrus salad? If you really do want to add some spice, serve it on the side in the form of salsas, hot sauces, and chopped chilis so that your guests have a choice.

Do Have the Best Day of Your Life

No matter how high the temperature creeps, it’s still possible to have the best wedding day ever. With a little forward planning and consideration for the small details, you and your guests can focus on having a fabulous time rather than being distracted by being hot and uncomfortable.

Above all else, enjoy every moment. Here at Villa Tuscana, we’ll help you to make it the best day of your life no matter what time of year you choose to get married. With our stunning indoor spaces and outdoor environments, you’ll be all set for having a perfect day.

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