Weddings in the fresh air can be a lovely experience. The luxury of the natural elements, such as fresh air and an open sky, are unrivaled and romantic. That being said, any wedding, whether indoors or out, requires many moving parts. If an outdoor affair is the idea of your dreams, then we’re here with tips for helping you plan the best day.

There are many things to consider when it comes to outdoor wedding etiquette, with the comfort of your guests and loved ones being a number one priority.

Let Your Guests Know

First and foremost, if you fall in love with an outdoor venue, you’ll want to clearly convey this information to guests. Since being outdoors for large swaths of time can be uncomfortable, you want to do everything in your power to enable your guests to prepare ahead of time and take the necessary steps to ensure their own comfort.

We recommend including a note on your invitation or a section on your wedding website that directs people to this information so they can plan accordingly with attire, shoes and other items as needed.

Finding Your Vendor Team

Most professional wedding services, including that of florists, catering companies, rental companies, bands, DJs, officiants and others, are well-versed in outdoor events. You’ll need to do your venue research to be able to field questions about set-up and power needs, but trustworthy vendors will know the questions to ask or logistics required to create a seamless event. There are many inclusive rental companies that aim to supply a majority of outdoor items like tents, tables, chairs, generators and so on.

It’s worth a mention that tents and rental items are in high-demand due to delayed events stemming from COVID. After you secure your venue, you’ll want to knock out this item on your planning checklist sooner rather than later.


One of the best things about open air spaces for weddings is that they require fewer decorative details. Whether a backyard, a beach, a mountain, a meadow or somewhere else, let the natural beauty of your environment shine and keep decorations simple. Flowers and lighting are two components that really make any outdoor venue pop.

Contingency Plan

The most critical aspect of planning an outdoor wedding is to create a thoughtful contingency plan in the event of bad weather. Inclement weather is beyond your control, but a backup plan is within your control. Most outdoor environments recommend renting a tent with sidewalls. It’s our recommendation to reserve one in advance, and then once the weather becomes more apparent closer to the day of your event, make the call whether you’ll need to use it or not.

Getting a Planner

All weddings are best served by a professional planner whose sole job is to make your day shine. Outdoor weddings in particular will benefit from their expertise. Since all elements of the party, from the ceremony to cocktail hour, dinner to the dancing party, occur outside, it’s great to have a professional onsite to manage flow and direct vendors.

Understand Expenses

Couples opting for outdoor weddings should have a firm understanding of their budget. There are many small items that quickly add up and it can be a budget-escalating endeavor to undertake.

Don’t Forget Restrooms

Making sure that clean, accessible bathrooms are nearby is essential for the comfort of your guests. These days, there are a wide variety of rental companies that cater to this very niche.


The quickest way to set a romantic mood is with soft lighting. Depending upon your location, you may need to bring in infrastructure and generators to do that. When walking through your venue, take stock of the pathways and figure out directional lighting to help steer your guests to where you need them to go.

Get Creative

Above all else, embrace the site of your dream wedding and find creative ways to make it work. At Villa Tuscana, we provide the best of both worlds. We have stunning indoor spaces and outdoor environments ready to host your perfect day.

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