When it comes time to deciding where to hold your wedding reception, there are many factors to consider. Summer is a popular time for weddings, but in Arizona in particular, the heat can be a key factor in deciding between enjoying dancing outside on long warm nights or opting for a more intimate and temperature-controlled indoor space if the weather gets too unfavorable.

Indoor Receptions

Indoor receptions are always a popular option, and in Arizona especially are often mandatory because of the heat or other weather conditions. But indoor receptions can still be wonderful options for your wedding in their own right, and allow less worry when it comes to weather, electricity or decorating. If a more formal aesthetic is what you are going for, indoor receptions are an easy choice. Indoor reception spaces provide ample room for decorations and design motifs and have a more classic and timeless appeal than outdoor receptions.

If you really want to get the party going during your reception, it is hard to beat the acoustics and lighting capabilities of most indoor spaces. With a good DJ and lighting rig, indoor spaces are often the best for dancing the night away and allow for light shows and ambience that would not be possible outdoors. And because you are inside, you can turn the music as loud as you want and not have to worry about noise ordinances or complaints.

One important thing to remember is that you don’t have to have your wedding or reception outside to make the most of the beauty of the desert — photos outside before and after your ceremony still mean you can get some amazing shots, without worrying about you or your guests not being able to handle the heat. The bulk of your ceremony and reception being inside while also being broken up by photos or other activities outside is an ideal compromise if an entirely outside reception isn’t feasible.

Outdoor Receptions

There’s always been something magical about outdoor wedding receptions, even if Arizona summers often make them a little less desirable in reality. But it is often hard to beat the beauty of desert landscapes, and especially if you have a lot of guests or family from out of town, it is often worth braving the heat to enjoy the views. Outdoor receptions also make the need for decorations a lot simpler, as the natural backdrops and other elements already do most of the work for you.

The last few years have led to a lot of uncertainty and cancellations in the wedding industry, so if you finally have a date set and have the option of inviting a lot more family and friends than you could in 2020, outdoor receptions are great for accommodating any sized guest list. Outdoor receptions also free up your photographers to use natural light and have a lot more mobility, ensuring your pictures will look amazing.

The inclusion of fans with programs, or programs that double as fans, go a long way in ensuring guests stay comfortable and can address their own cooling needs. And with summer also being monsoon season, the concern isn’t always just the heat — rain, lightning and dust storms can be just as much if not more of a concern. That’s why if you are counting on having your reception outside, it’s paramount to have a “plan B” in case of variables, and account for a potential increase in your budget if the worst does happen. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be enjoying the outdoors and have a haboob roll in. Insects can also be a concern if you opt for an outdoor reception, as you want your guests worrying more about their dance moves and less about mosquitoes.

Both outdoor and indoor reception venues have pros and cons, and even in the heart of the summer it not always an easy choice. Indoor receptions allow for air-conditioning, which helps ensure your guests are always comfortable, and allow for a lot of decoration and music options to really set the ambience you want. But outdoor receptions also provide a totally unique experience, and if the heat is not too bad and no inclement weather is expected, make for a fun and carefree experience. Depending on your needs, maybe even a mix of the two would be the ideal situation for your special day.

The Benefits of Villa Tuscana

At Villa Tuscana, we offer plenty of space for indoor or outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Our courtyard and park make for great ceremonies and photo shoots, and our ballrooms and reception halls are a great way to beat the heat when the weather warms.

Our indoor reception halls are highlighted by beautiful Tuscan décor and can comfortably accommodate up to 300 guests. With over 40 color themes to choose from, our team makes it easy to bring your most elegant dreams to life. With plenty of room to dance and a DJ taking care of any and all formalities, our all-inclusive packages mean you can enjoy dancing the night away as we take care of everything. With incredible music and lighting effects, we want to make sure your reception will be one to remember.

However, if dancing under the stars or sky is more to your tastes, our outdoor reception spaces can also accommodate you. If the weather permits, why not enjoy long summer nights in our beautifully designed courtyard? Our outdoor reception spaces include a lot of greenery and expertly designed wood elements, making them the perfect place for pictures or partying.

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor location for your reception, be sure to check out our wedding packages and contact us today if you need a luxurious venue for your big day at an unbeatable price.

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