You’ve just become engaged and your friends are all super excited for you! Hopefully you are taking this time to let it sink in that you are engaged to the person of your dreams. So now you may be asking yourself, “who will be my Maid of Honor and what do they do exactly!?” You will want to select someone who has proven to be reliable because they are going to be playing a very important role in your wedding.

Maid of Honor Roles Leading Up to the Wedding Day

  • A helping hand with things such as assembling and/or addressing the wedding invitations or help with choosing wedding cake flavors. It’s being available to offer advice, support an ear for listening and encouragement.
  • Attend wedding dress shopping and fittings.
  • Organizing the bridal party.
  • Helping with the bridesmaid dresses by offering your two cents, the fittings, orderings and alterations.
  • Being the point of contact for the day of the wedding. Maybe there’s a venue coordinator or a wedding planner hired to put the details together but, when it comes to the day of the wedding, the Maid of Honor can be the point of contact so the bride can enjoy the day without constant interruption.
  • Host or co-host a bridal party
  • Planning and coordinating the bachelorette party.
  • Attending engagement party and wedding rehearsal.

Wedding Day Responsibilities May Include:

  • Setting out favors. This could be at a front entrance table as a parting gift to the guests, or set at each plate setting. Something you will need to do at the wedding venue.
  • Be the go between for the wedding couple. This could be delivering a gift or letter the morning of the wedding.
  • Giving a speech and a toast to the wedding couple.
  • Getting ready with the bride.
  • Calming the brides nerves.
  • Prepare an emergency kit for the bride.
  • Help keep things on schedule. This could be the coordination part with the venue coordinator.
  • At the ceremony, adjusting the brides dress and veil after she walks down the aisle. Then taking her bouquet.
  • This could also mean holding onto the grooms ring during the ceremony and handing it over when the minister asks for it (if the ring bearer or Best Man isn’t holding onto both rings).
  • Signing the marriage license as a witness.
  • Helping the bride with her dress. Whether it’s holding it while she uses the restroom or bustling it after ceremony and pictures are through.
  • Helping to gather belongings at the end of the evening. Staying until the end to help clear out the brides room. Helping to make sure any gifts are loaded into the appropriate persons car.
As you can see, the position of Maid of Honor and/or Matron of Honor comes with many responsibilities. It’s becoming increasingly popular to have both. This means tasks can be divided equally between two people instead of one. It’s also important that you choose someone that is willing and able to take on these responsibilities. We will wrap up by saying, being a maid or matron of honor is exactly that, an honor! The number one reason these persons are chosen is to help the bride have the best experience possible on her wedding day.

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