Neutral wedding décor is timeless and romantic. When choosing your wedding décor, consider neutrals such as champagne, ivory or white. These colors are perfect for any season. Having your bridesmaids in an accent color and incorporating that accent color in your centerpieces and bouquets really makes it pop and stand out a little more. This way, you don’t have to match your bridesmaid dresses perfectly with linens and your bridesmaids won’t blend in with your linens during your reception.
ivory wedding decor

Ivory wedding décor is perfect for any season. If you are wanting to keep your décor clean, we highly recommend neutral colors such as ivory or champagne. Champagne and ivory wedding décor is a timeless and elegant colors. We have a wide variety of table linens, chair ties and centerpiece options that are included in all of our packages. We do not charge upgrade fees on décor.

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